Consulting Services for Scalability

Our experienced Customer Success and Deployment teams are with you every step of the way. Our software is designed to scale and sustain our teachings long after we’re gone.

Implementation & Training

Our software trainings help increase productivity and drive more efficient processes.

We analyze and improve your team's operating cadence and meeting execution.


What to Expect

  • Reduce meetings by 20%
  • Meeting standards to improve meeting effectiveness
  • Executive alignment sessions to get your team aligned and energized
  • Leadership training and skill building to develop your team’s management skills
  • Decision making guidelines and process to increase empowerment and the speed of decision making

Executive Offsite Events

CrossLead offsites provide educational, cultural, and team building components focused on leadership to increase the adaptability of your team.

Participants will take away key lessons and practices that will help them be successful leaders within their organization.

Keynote Speech by David Silverman

Former Navy SEAL and CEO of CrossLead, David Silverman, provides a provocative and dynamic case for organizations to operate with speed and agility. Drawing on his collective leadership experiences, Silverman bridges the gaps for his audience on how to lead and succeed in today’s fast-paced environment.

60 - 75 minutes


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Keynotes & Offsite events