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CrossLead was born out of the lessons learned in the Special Operations community in the US Military. A siloed, hierarchical organization needed to transform into a network of collaborative teams, in order to be successful. Originally established as a consulting model, we developed CrossLead into a software and services solution. It is designed to optimize existing operating practices associated with planning, collaboration, and decision making.

CrossLead aligns strategy with execution, and unlocks latent potential of individuals and teams. The software, coupled with our world-class services, helps our clients to be successful in today's environment. The CrossLead methodology has been validated in boardrooms across the globe since 2011.


Leadership Team

David Silverman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Barrett Yates-Mack

Chief Financial Officer &

Chief Strategy Officer

Christian Yang

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Sitter

Chief Customer Success Officer

Board of Advisors

Peter Chung

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Summit Partners

Charlie Herrin

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Comcast Cable

Douglas Keane

Owner, Healdsburg Bar and Grill & 2 Birds 1 Stone
Brad Smith

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Intuit
Steve Luczo

Chairman of the Board, Seagate Technologies

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