Project Planning You'll Enjoy

Organize and view all projects in one place. Pin your most important projects for even faster access. Easily dive into any project for more details.

Strategic Plan View

Organize & Track Your
Tactical Work

Manage all incomplete, complete, and archived tasks related to a project in a single, consolidated list. Easily allocate work by assigning and scheduling tasks.

Real-Time Project Updates

Centralize and streamline project updates into a single feed for all project teammates to see. Comment and tag other teammates in conversations. Attach files, images, and links to help add context. Increase transparency and help your team move forward and make decisions with the latest information.

View Project Details

Simply store and view project details, milestones, participants, and key documents in a single location accessible to the entire team.


Connect Tasks to Projects

Connect all relevant tasks and meetings to a project to track and manage tactical progress. Visualize time spent on specific aspects of the project.


Create Presentations

Spend less time preparing for meetings by using these updates for your meetings. Focus meeting discussions on key priorities and visualize current project status and risk.